03 October 2010

Spice Bazaar

So the other day, we finally decided that we should visit the Spice Bazaar. This was a place that a friend told us had various interesting spices and other ingredients that were otherwise not available in the mainstream supermarket.

So we visited, and we found out several interesting stuff.

First, they actually stack rather interesting fresh vegetables. They had Asian long eggplants when we were there, and they also had fresh okra, which was something that we couldn't find in the supermarket. They also had long squash (Filipino: upo) and what they call long okra (Filipino: patola) in stock. Very interesting.

And the spice aisle was also impressive. They were cheap too. One could buy a big bag of coriander or cardamom for a fraction of the price if one would buy that much of a quantity in the supermarket. And they also stacked a lot of rotis, papads, naans, and so forth. It seems that the Indian community in Buffalo is quite large that there were so many Indians shopping in there when we went, that the two of us stood out as foreigners.

So yeah, now we know where to get things that are usually not available in the supermarket. They also had paneer, so I can now make the spinach and cheese curry that I like.


(Doorframe, from my Pisac Series)

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