17 November 2010


Oh I am so fired up.

This week is a hectic one, but a good one as well. First, my experiment that is in the lab will be finished today, and with that, I will have 1440 data points that I need to look at. That is one big pile of work, but I'll plan to plow right through them and work at it. That'll be my weekend right there. And perhaps it will spill over into Thanksgiving Break too.

Second, I had a meeting with my adviser recently, and it seems that I was able to convince him yet again that his objections were unfounded. That is good. That means I am not insane, and that I have something to write about.

And thirdly, speaking of something to write about, my adviser gave me the go-signal to start writing. Yes, boys and girls, he has told me that I can now start writing a chapter in my dissertation. Yes, there's already a chapter to be written! Oh yeah!

And fourthly, my other experiment that I am conducting for the past 2 weeks will be concluded soon. It's a pain because we don't have a subject pool and only recruit by means of flyers all over campus, but we're about to get the number that we want. That will conclude this week, and hopefully, the statistical tests will turn out okay, and we have something to report. In the same related project, we're preparing an abstract for submission to another conference, hopefully, it gets accepted and there's another line in my CV that gets added.

So yeah, my week is fired up. My adviser and I have a schedule: we are planning to run all the experiments that I will be needing this coming Spring Semester. And then I will spend the summer writing my dissertation. And the following year will just be tying the knots and smoothing the wrinkles. That paves way to a tentative graduation date: June 2012.

(The Ceremonial Rock, from my Pukapukara Series)


  1. This is Greek to em but it certainly looks promising!

  2. Zhu,

    It definitely looks promising. That means I can graduate sometime soon!