05 November 2010

Productivity and Longevity

The last two days have been rather long for me. Last Wednesday, I started the day really early, and then it ended around 11:00 PM. I attended my class at 10:00, and then taught my other class at 12:00. I then conducted two experimental sessions, and then I edited a paper I was writing, and then attended a play.

On Thursday, I conducted four experimental sessions, I continued editing the papers we were writing, and then went home early. But, I think the papers are done now, that we decided to go ahead and send it to someone that was 6 time zones away so that they can read and comment on it. Hopefully, that leads to a publication or two.

Anyway, I am supposed to do laundry. But instead I crawled in bed. And slept for a long long long long long time.

(Saqsayhuaman Summit, from my Saqsayhuaman Series)


  1. I may get better when we change time... It's so dark in the morning these days, it's hard to get up and be productive.

  2. Zhu,

    Do you think so? I don't feel a difference when the time changes: yes, it's not as early when it is still dark outside, but it also gets dark in the afternoon pretty soon, at around 5 PM, it's already dark.