12 December 2010

The Anticipation of Flight

As much as I want to keep it a secret, I can't help but disclose that the Linguist-in-Waiting will be traveling again. It's been a whirlwind semester, and a busy one as well. Big progresses have been made in my dissertation, with the first written pages finally seeing the light of day. I also taught a class full of 80 students, and I have experiments coming out of the labs I work in with beautiful results.

So, in order to keep my brain healthy and thriving, I decided to take a vacation. It used to be the case that my sister and I would be heading out to Guatemala, but that panned out and didn't happen. However, something else happened. Something else that I am excited for this trip.

So, what's in store for this trip? Well, it will increase my country count. This will be the 19th country that I will have visited.[1] For that, I am excited.

Second, I have a travel buddy. Well, not exactly. We're overlapping, I should say. I'll be on vacation for a week, while he is on vacation for a longer period of time. If I remember correctly, we overlap for about 5 days. That should be fun: two Asians lost in a continent not their own.

Third, it's a cheap vacation. Thank you, Delta Air Lines! Well, technically, thank me, for flying Delta and its partner airlines (China Airlines and Avianca comes to mind) that I have enough miles to pay for this trip. So yeah, I only paid tax for the airfare, since I redeemed my miles instead. And since I am staying at a hostel, things are awesome!

So there, my Amazing Race backpack will be put to use again. And my camera as well. So there will be new photos to post. Oh I am so excited to be climbing pyramids in a place that is warmer than Buffalo. I'll get my dose of sun (and smog) for about a week before I head back to the lab. Since I'll be flying out exactly thirty days from now, and I will get back to Buffalo the day before my class starts (technically, I will get back on the first day of the semester, but I don't have classes that day).

So if you're reading this and are related to me by blood, do not panic. I know what I am doing, and I will try my best not to get kidnapped.

So, have you pieced the clues together to know where I am headed?

[1]If one counts using Internet top-level domains, I have been to the following countries so far, in visiting order: 1) Philippines; 2) USA; 3) Japan; 4) Guam; 5) Qatar; 6) Austria; 7) Greece; 8) Italy; 9) Vatican City; 10) Taiwan; 11) Czech Republic; 12) Ecuador; 13) Colombia; 14) Peru; 15) Denmark; 16) Hungary; 17) Slovakia; and 18) Canada.

(The Fugitive?, from my Tambomachay Series)


  1. Oh wow, its the first time someone has called me an "Asian". :-) 5 days? really? ah we'll have fun.

  2. Priyank,

    Really, nobody has called you an Asian before? Interesting...

  3. Are you going to Egypt? just guessing haha!

  4. TNP,

    Haha, nope! It's closer than Egypt. Guess again!

  5. China?

    Well, if you come to Chile stop by Valparaiso

  6. Kami,

    No. China's a little too far, from Buffalo at least. So it's not Egypt, and not China. It has smog, and it has pyramids. And I paid for my air ticket using earned miles, which isn't a lot. And it's a continent that is not Asian.