07 December 2010

The Grand Exit

Why am I so busy nowadays? Oh wait, I forgot, it's the last week of the semester. Yep, it's been 15 weeks since the semester started. And wow, that was fast. Wait, it's not done yet, there's still the final push, with the final exam week happening next week, where I will be giving a final exam for the students, and people will be turning in final papers and answering final questions.

I have two lectures that I still need to give. My students will be turning in their last homework for the semester this Wednesday. And they will take a final exam next week Tuesday. I don't have anything to do for the one solo class I am taking, because I am only taking it for one credit and all I need to do is show up for class.

So, after this grand final push, the semester will be over, and the next semester will not start until January 18. There's a good month in between. I am looking forward to that break. Although I have to say, it's not a complete break in my case.

I will be moving offices during the break, since I am moving to the Dissertation Office. There's also this talk in Pittsburgh for January. And I also plan to use the time to revise the two manuscripts that my name is in: we sent it to some folks in Europe a few weeks ago, and we received their comments. So the plan is to revise the papers integrating the comments so that we can then turn those two papers into abstracts and submit it for attendance at another conference that will happen in August 2011. Here's to hoping that we get in for this one: the feedback we received seemed promising, and people don't seem to think that we are crazy.

I also am using the break to design my other dissertation experiments: I have been test-running my stuff on other people seeing if there is an effect of my manipulations, and given the pilot data, it seems I have a story to tell. I have started writing my background chapter, so I will further work on that while the lab is not running during break. And once the semester starts, I will be putting experiments again in the lab and gathering data.

So yeah, life is busy, and life is good. People are cranky since it's the last week of the semester, so I'll try to keep my head cool for now. The unfortunate thing is that I might be coming down with a cold. I already boosted my system with Vitamin C, and drugs of course.

(Ancient Structures, from my Pukapukara Series)

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