22 December 2010

Just an Update

I cannot believe that it's almost the end of the year. It's December 22, 9 days left before we all enter 2011. Not that there's some big news that I need to announce, but perhaps because my life feels like a patched-up quilt right now, with little achievements here and there, but there's no cohesive factor aside from the fact that it is my life.

I finally moved into a new office. I now work inside the Dissertation Office, and there's three other people in here. However, it's not that crowded, since one of the three officemates isn't always in residence. It's funny to be in this office, since one of my officemate here has been a former officemate back in the days, when I had my very first office here in the university. I didn't realize we would be sharing another office in the future. Hopefully, this is my last office in the university before I graduate.

Speaking of graduation, I just finished looking at a test-run of another experiment I am planning to do. And from the looks of it, it seems that I have the effect I want. I now have two people who test-ran it, and both of their results exhibit the prediction that I have. Thus, I have stronger evidence that the manipulation I am doing is significant, and therefore I have enough reason to put it in the lab this coming Spring semester and run it full-blast.

In my new office, there is a window, and my table is next to it. I can see the new building that will house the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering departments slowly growing and progressing. I once thought that I want to graduate and finish before that building is finalized, but I think it will beat me. So I need a new building to race against.

This month has been quite cold. Unlike last year, I have a feeling that the temperatures for this month should have been a little higher, and the temperatures we have right now are typical more of January and February, not December. But somehow this year has been bizarre. Oh well, I don't mind it, I prefer the cold than the heat anyway. Although the heating bills suck, I know.

Not a lot of people are in campus nowadays. Because Christmas is just around the corner, most people are in holidays. It's a little irritating that most people greet you with Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas. I don't celebrate these holidays, but whenever everyone greets you with this greeting, it seems like you're being rude when you don't greet back. I just thank them and move on.

Oh well, nothing else much to report. Nothing else that is exciting I suppose. Back to work then. Enjoy the last picture from my Tambomachay Series; the next post will feature something from Cuzco this time.

(Andean Waters, from my Tambomachay Series)

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