20 December 2010

On Closure

Perhaps today is the day when the semester has finally ended for me. There were several things that basically marked the end of it.

First of all, the biggest thing of all, is that I finally submitted my grades. Yes, all 80 students now have grades, and they will see what grade they got starting tomorrow, when the system updates itself after a day. There were people who did great, there were people who did good, there were people who did okay, and there were also unfortunately a few people who did bad. Now, their grades are available online for them to see.

Second, I am in the middle of moving my office. I am moving to the Dissertation Office, and with that, I have moved stuff of mine that needs to be there. I also have some stuff that I don't really need, so those will go home with me. I have realized that I need to start embracing the electronic system of information transmission: I saw all the papers that I have printed, and they were crazy. I should restrict myself to printing just the papers that I really need to read and the ones that are relevant but not as much will just be relegated to electronic PDF copies.

Third, I finished my bottle of Voyageur. I got this bottle back in 1997, and it has been with me for 13 years. Finally, it's about time. It's a small bottle, only 50 ml but I didn't have it with me all this time, since when I moved to Buffalo, I didn't bring it with me. Only when my sister visited the Philippines early this year did I had the chance to get it back again. So yes, the bottle went to trash, and starting tomorrow, I will be wearing another cologne that I have for a while, which is none other than Havana by Aramis.

Finally, speaking of events, one other event that was rather noteworthy was the fact that yesterday was the day when I tried three weird food items. I tried Tibetan bhod-jha, which is some sort of tea, but it tastes like melted butter mixed with saltwater. I also tried spicy beef tripe, which was interesting to eat. Finally, I tried a deep-fried Mars bar, and that was surprisingly good.

(Footbridge, from my Tambomachay Series)


  1. Hi, Where exactly did you get bhod-jha in Buffalo?! I love the Nepalese version of this tea!

  2. Oh and moving offices (or homes) finally brings home the sheer amount of paper we waste as PhD students. You could try PDF XChange viewer to mark up and make notes on all your PDFs and store them electronically (with a back-up copy on say, citeulike).

    I was consumed with guilt when I moved to Buffalo and saw the amount of paper I had accumulated in just 2 years of grad school. It was appalling enough that I resolved to eliminate wasteful printing habits by 100% as a moving-resolution. 2 years down the line, I think the resolution has paid off and I am able to manage all my references and notes and readings much more efficiently without being environmentally unconscious.

    An added bonus is never having to hunt for a note or a half-forgotten article anymore (since your laptop and/or citeulike does it for you whenever you like).

  3. TinyPliny,

    Hello, and welcome to the blog. I should have prefaced that by saying that I didn't exactly get bhod-jha in Buffalo. I got it when I trekked up to Toronto and ate in Little Tibet. Unfortunately, Buffalo's restaurant scene isn't too ethnic enough to include a Tibetan restaurant.

    I should definitely look into that PDF viewer you mentioned. That way, it's easier to manage things with less clutter.

    I take it you're a PhD student as well here in Buffalo?