05 January 2011


If you have noticed, there's a new feature in my blog. If you look at my sidebar, there now is a collection of labels. Yup! Somehow, I always knew that I could do that, but it just didn't feel like I needed it, until I realized that wow, I already have about 6 years worth of posts. So, as a new addition to the blog for this year, I am labeling every post I am making from now on, and there will be a cloud that will show my tags.

So, yes, I am going back to my older posts and labeling them. Don't worry, it's actually easy to do. Whenever I feel the need to procrastinate, I just go and get a full month's worth of posts and label them. Then, I go back to work. Easy eh?

(Plaza de Armas, from my Cusco Series)


  1. Procrastinar ordenando el blog... me suena familiar :)


  2. Kami,

    Hahaha, you know how it is!