07 February 2011

Mexican Meanders: Puebla

I always loved land travel. As much as I find it fascinating to walk through a jetway, sit in a metal tube, and then walk through a jetway again and find myself in a totally different location, I am still fascinated by land travel, since I am able to see the road, and observe how the scenery changes as we go. I usually find a hard time sleeping in a bus, since I tend to look out the window. Thus, we made it a point to visit a place outside of Mexico City, and for that reason, we went to Puebla.

Puebla is located in Puebla State, and is east of Mexico City. It is about two hours by bus. We visited this colonial town together with Cholula (more of that later). Apparently, the historical center has a World Heritage Site status, and upon arrival, we definitely saw why.

The above pictures are just two shots that exemplify how the street-scene in Puebla is like. There's plenty of buildings that have ornate facades, usually with a display of the Mexican flag. I especially like the wrought-iron balconies that most buildings feature. And they select colorful paint too.

It's a big city I think, but I like the fact that there is a division between the historical center and the more modern developed area of town, which was north of where we were. We decided to go to the center of town and discover what it is all about.

This is the municipal palace. It looks grand enough that it seems this is a building that serves functions at the national level, but no, I think it is only the city or state government seat. I am not really sure. Here are some other shots of the buildings around the historical center of the town.

Later on, near the end of the day, we saw a rather large group of demonstrators that were shouting slogans outside the Municipal Palace. We decided to check it out ourselves.

So yes, Puebla was a fascinating place. They have a wicked historical center, their buildings are adorable, they kiss and make out like a professional, and they also know how to do a street protest. And I haven't even talked about the mole poblano.


  1. Great photos! I’m so glad you enjoyed your visit to Puebla. If you have a chance to come back — and want to see, do and eat more — check out my blog for tourist-type info in English: www.AllAboutPuebla.com.

  2. Rebecca,

    Hello and welcome! Puebla definitely deserves another visit; a half-day is not enough to fully enjoy that town. I'll definitely see if Puebla is on the way if I find myself in Mexico again!

  3. What was the demonstration about?
    Looks like a very nice city.
    I hope I will have the opportunity to visit Mexico one day ...

  4. Sidney,

    If I remember correctly, the demonstration was about rising university costs. The protesters were mostly students, and actually reminded me of the protests we did when I was still a student in UP Diliman.

  5. Puebla sounds like the masculine version of Pueblo (or town) but looking at your pics, this one has a really pretty historical center.

    And yes, there's nothing like overland journeys - especially those long ones. So much to see, so much to enjoy.

  6. TNP,

    The historic center of this town is very pretty indeed. I wish I had more than just half a day. And yes, overland journeys coupled with an open-jaw ticket makes wonders!