29 April 2011

Creature of Habit: Coffee Edition

Earlier today, I went to Starbucks for a coffee fix. I usually get a doppio espresso, and that has been my drink of choice for quite a while now, perhaps because the other drinks that are there are just too sweet, too fancy, too complicated, what have you.

Anyway, so I got inside the coffee shop around 8:45 perhaps. There was a small line. After waiting 5 minutes perhaps, I got to the counter, and the person already knew my drink. She asked whether I was getting a doppio espresso and I merely confirmed it.

Now, here's the surprising thing. Upon confirming that I wanted a doppio espresso, she reached behind the other cash register and gave me a cup. A doppio espresso, already made and ready. Apparently, they anticipated my order and went ahead and made it, even though I haven't told them yet that I wanted that. Usually, I would place my order, I would pay for it, and move to the other end of the counter as I wait while they make my drink. This time, I didn't even need to wait, it was already ready by the time I paid for the drink.

I suppose I am a creature of habit. Unless the habit proves to be the case that it doesn't work, I probably won't change things, unless I need to satisfy some curious jolt. The person behind the counter jokingly told me that I wasn't allowed to change my drink anymore, because people there already know that I would be getting a doppio espresso the moment I enter the establishment. I suppose it makes for some funny encounters.

(Path, from my Ollantaytambo Series)


  1. Well, we all need some kind of a routine. I make my tea everyday right after lunch and eat around the same time at 1 p.m. Just an habit!

  2. Zhu,

    Well, sometimes people just need a routine, and that makes sense! After all, if nothing is wrong with the routine, then why break it, right?

  3. Boo. The nearby coffee place I hang out in still can't tell what my usual order is. Now I'm wondering if it's a Starbucks thing.

  4. Prab,

    Perhaps, but maybe you just haven't visited that coffee shop enough to make a pattern to be remembered.