11 May 2011

Mozart Ends the Day

The end of the semester usually is the most busy period of my year. Since there's two semesters every year, then I usually experience this rush and hectic schedule twice. And this past semester has not been different.

Two weeks before the semester ended, there was this rush. On Wednesday, there was a cognitive science speaker from out of town. The talk was on Wednesday, but she arrived the night before, and we had a dinner potluck party. I cooked some vegetarian couscous paella for that, and it was a hit. The next day, I was setting up another lab, because we still needed participants, and so we recruited from another class, and people signed up. The goal was to start the next day (Thursday), and so we rushed to do all those preparations. One of the experiments needed the lights to be off, but it was in a room within a room, and the lights were centrally controlled. So we decided to take the lights out of the inner room, and the problem was solved.

The next day, I was running participants for five hours, and also I was supposed to meet the speaker for an hour. It was a huge logistical puzzle that eventually I was able to find a solution. I called other people from the lab and they all pitched in, so that things would be running.

At the end of the day, I attended a free concert by the UB Choir and Chorus, and that was awesome. They performed Mozart's Requiem, which is a piece that I actually like (since it is atypical Mozart in my opinion). Apart from the fact that they had to restart the Benedictus, because some of the people in the orchestra wasn't playing in the same speed, I actually liked the performance. I am glad that I went, because that was two hours at the end of the day that I didn't have to use my brain consciously.

Oh did I tell you I am looking for a new roommate? That is a pain, but it had to be done. I have already posted things online, and I already got a few responses. I also posted fliers all over campus, for people to respond. I am hoping that this is the last year I will be doing this, because really, I think that I will be graduating next year. I need a lifestyle upgrade, and the life of a student is fun, but I don't want to always be a student, especially after seven years.

Oh well, this semester has been hectic. But it also saw me make progress in my dissertation, and I actually made a progress report and road map for it, and that actually makes me objectify what else needs to be done. I have it posted right in front of me in my office, so I can see what has been done already, and what else needs to be done. My goal is to be able to move forward, no matter how little, and progress through that road map every week. That way I would definitely feel that there has been progress and that the end is getting nearer and nearer.

(Never-Ending Rock Walls, from my Ollantaytambo Series)


  1. It must ba annoying to have roommates after a while. The first few years it may be comforting almost because everything and everyone is new but after seven years... yes, I can understand you're tired of it.

  2. Zhu,

    Yep, which is why once I get a lifestyle upgrade, that will be a part of it, definitely.

  3. Zhu,

    Definitely. That's why that is my first point of order once I get a lifestyle upgrade.