09 July 2011

It's Time to Go Back

So, it's time to go back. I've been here in Manila for 5 weeks now. And it's time to go back.

I cannot believe that time has passed that quickly. I arrived here about 5 weeks before, and I immediately did my errands. I went to the US Embassy and renewed my student visa (hopefully this is the last time I need to do this), and after I got my passport back, I hit the road.

I went to the Visayas Region, which is an area of the country that I haven't been to before. I enjoyed my stay, and I saw several pretty historical churches along the way. However, I had to cut my trip short, as there were plenty of distractions and several other negative factors that conspired against the original plan of two weeks.

I returned to Manila, and set to work. I have been collaborating with a new person on a new project, and so I was able to do that remotely. I also worked on my dissertation, although there still are plenty of things to do. I also went to my undergraduate university and met some friends. I also saw the hard copy of a journal where my latest paper appears in.

So what happens next? Tomorrow I head to the airport first thing in the morning, and I will be flying to Tokyo, to fly to Washington DC, to fly to Buffalo. It will be a long day. I need to find a bookstore, as I finished the latest book I have been reading. I actually finished 4 books while I was here. Yay! However, I also gained a little bit of weight, so that will be my summer project, to exercise so that the weight I gained will go away.

Ah, there's also the issue of the Internet here in Manila, which sucks. Sometimes there's a connection, sometimes there isn't. I hate it. Anyway, that's just that. It happens.

So, I'll sign off for now, here in Manila. I will see you in a little while, when I land at the other side of the world.

(Stone Windows, from my Ollantaytambo Series)


  1. Funny you gain some weight! I'm the opposite, I usually lose some whenever I'm traveling. Plus whatever local food is usual healthier than your typical North American fare.

  2. Zhu,

    It's because home-cooked meals are pretty awesome. Also because this trip isn't all about sight-seeing and traveling. I pretty much just stayed in my parents' house and hung out there most of the time.