02 August 2011

Coney Island Beach

Last June, my sister and I decided to go to Coney Island and check the place. We haven't been there before, and it was a hot summer weekend, so we figured that it would be a great time to go. After all, we also wanted to see the Coney Island Mermaid Parade! The parade started at 2:00 PM, so before that, we frolicked along the beach. The pictures that follow provide a glimpse of what we saw.

First, let me show you the iconic view of the Riegelmann Boardwalk and the signature Parachute Jump.

I believe this shot was used in the movie Requiem for a Dream.

There's plenty of people frolicking in the beach!

Two guys discussing their sand handwriting.

A beach massage.

Mother and child.

I am not the only one with a camera.

Two girls in bikinis.

Father and son wallowing in the water.

The high-rise apartments are very close by.

Typical beach scenery.

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