11 August 2011

Coney Island Mermaid Parade

Last month, when I had some business to do in New York City, I also set aside a day to sight-see with my sister. Earlier, I blogged about how we went to Coney Island, and the story is not yet finished. We went there not just because it was the first time we were visiting the area, but also because that Saturday happened to be the day when the Coney Island Mermaid Parade would happen.

Overall, it was a weird parade, with several characters in weird outfits passing before our eyes. As this is mostly a photoblog entry, I will stop talking here and just let you see for yourself some of the photos that I have taken while I was there.

This is a guy wearing a weird hat.

We had a good spot, as we were sitting on this location 2 hours before the parade started.

Some LGBT spectators.

A dragon!

She blows me a kiss!

Quite an awesome costume!

She is kinda hot!

The dancing boy!

There goes the dancing boy!


  1. I like these quirky events! Makes life more fun!

    Good photo entry, you are more a man of words but it's good to see posts illustrated once in a while ;-)

  2. Zhu,

    Hehe, yes. I don't know if you noticed but recently, I decided to put more emphasis towards photos in travel-themed entries. This way, I don't get to have a three-year backlog that I would usually have if I were just sharing one photo per entry. :)