21 August 2011

The High Line

One last thing that I saw while I was in New York City a couple of weeks ago was The High Line. This is an old railroad that was constructed above ground, but abandoned. Later on, some people had the brilliant idea of renovating it into an urban garden and park. Thus, it is one great way of re-using space that was previously not being used.

First, let me show you the general feel of the place. This park is 1-mile in length, and as the second section was recently opened when we visited, there were quite a few people walking about. The path snakes through various parts of the neighborhood, in between buildings and above the streets. In one of the photos above, my lovely companion is quite visible.

Perhaps, once the hype settles down, this place is great for just wallowing in personal solitude and observing New York City. In fact, there are two places in The High Line where one can just sit down and watch the city pass by. They even have auditorium seating, as the two pictures I have above show. There's a glass balcony where one can just sit in front of it and watch the cars and the people below zoom and pass by.

Even the birds love the place. I was able to take a photo of this pigeon, getting ready to fly away from his steel perch.

This is also a great place to spend some quality time with your significant other. Couples can talk, argue, fight, console each other, among other things. When I was there, I tried taking candid photos of people, such as ones above.

Of course, some people prefer to be alone. This guy for example, takes pleasure in The High Line with a rather serious topic he is studying.

And here is a woman doing battle with a bug while trying to eat her lunch.

Several buildings can be seen along the way. One very prominent one is the Standard Hotel. This is the hotel that was infamous by guests displaying themselves in the nude. After all, the transparent glass windows are quite beckoning. One could perhaps just sit down at the plaza below (picture above) and wait until a sex-crazed guest disrobes. However, I didn't see anyone in the nude when we were there.

Several other buildings can be seen along the way, and the above pictures are just selections from the various ones that I photographed. After a mile of walking, the park ends, and we climbed down the stairs and found ourselves in the Meatpacking District.


  1. That's a great way to reclaim public space. I like it! Plus, NY skyline is something to observe, rigth?

  2. Zhu,

    I loved the place too, and you're indeed correct, it's a great way to reuse public space that is otherwise just sitting there and idle. Regarding the skyline, the area where the park is located is not the most skyscrapered area of NYC; that's further south near Wall Street. So it's not like you're walking in the midst of tall buildings. There are tall buildings here and there, but it isn't at all congested.