14 August 2011

Lakwatsang Pinoy: Molo Church

This is another church that is located within Iloilo City proper. It used to be that the district of Molo was a separate town, but they eventually became incorporated with the City of Iloilo. They still have a different feel though, as you need to go west in order to reach this place, away from the hustle and bustle of the town proper.

I have come to notice that churches here in Western Visayas have different personalities. The colors of the interior might be different, the lay-out might be different, the exterior materials might be different. For that, I enjoyed this church-hopping endeavor that I did. If you look at Jaro Cathedral, or San Joaquin Church, or Miag-Ao Church, they each have their own personalities. This church is no different.

First, this church has a plaza for a front yard. There's plenty of things going on that day, that I wasn't able to get a good shot of the place. However, I was able to capture a gazebo, which for some reason, was the only place where people were not hanging out.

This church was built in 1831, and you can see the age from the facade. The stones are quite stained, and for some reason, I think that's the charm of this place. The idea that this structure has stood the test of time and is still going strong kind of appeals to me.

The interior is beige-brown in color. I am not too familiar with the significant spots of the interior, so I will just present the pictures I took as is. I noticed however that there were plenty of female saints that were featured in the church. And this is also the church where I saw several groups of mothers and their children reciting the rosary in the afternoon.


  1. They are all so big inside! I guess religion is important to people over there.

  2. Zhu,

    Yes, you are absolutely correct. Unlike in Latin America, where there are big huge churches together with small ones, I think big is the norm in the Philippines. There isn't any small churches that feel intimate, every church feels majestic and at times foreboding.

  3. Molo Church is actually a called as a 'Feminist Church' since all the saints inside are female whereas the Jaro Cathedral has all male saints. FYI.

  4. Anonymous,

    I see. Good to know!

  5. wow... very nice pictures... i'll be touring that place this days...

  6. Anonymous,

    Awesome! I am sure you'll enjoy it!