02 September 2011

Buffalo Weekends

So this summer, I started seeing Buffalo. Yes, I decided that I should familiarize myself with my city, the city where I have been living since 2005. Yeah, I know, it's a little bit late, but it's better late than never, right? After all, if there's a ticking clock, telling me that I presumably only have another year to live here before I pack up my things and go again, then I better move my ass and start exploring this city.

So here's what I did. Starting with this summer, I decided to use my weekends to explore the city. Yes, I would be working hard in school during the weekdays, and I would use the weekends to just spend time for myself and explore Buffalo. Buffalo can be an awesome city, and that's the realization that I am slowly getting in my adventures.

So, where have I been going these past days? That's actually going to be featured in my on-going Oh Buffalo! series, showing pictures of the places I have discovered. I have learned a lot, about Buffalo's history, Buffalo's architecture, and so forth. I've learned about Buffalo's economy during the boom of the Erie Canal, I have learned about the different architectural styles that are prominent in the city, I have explored churches both open and closed. I also mastered the public transportation system in Buffalo, which has room for improvement, but works for the present purpose. Thank goodness for their day pass.

Well, summer is about end soon, it's already September. Perhaps this is the most informative summer for me, it's been hectic, with experiments, dissertation manuscripts, and other things to worry about, but hey, I like this idea of being able to look forward to something in the weekend, after a full week of busy scholarly endeavors.

(View to the Guardhouse, from my Machu Picchu Series)


  1. Can't wait to see the series! I've only been to Buffalo once, on January 1st 2010 actually, and it was a strange experience! I'm sure I missed all the cool spots!

  2. Zhu,

    They'll come little by little! I think you'll enjoy them definitely!