13 September 2011

Lakwatsang Pinoy: Guisi Point

This is the last installment of my Lakwatsang Pinoy series, which chronicled my trips in the Philippines when I was last there, during the summer of 2011. My previous entry had something to do with Navalas Church and the Trappist monastery in Guimaras Island. This entry concludes my visit to Guimaras with a photo entry about Guisi Point.

Guisi Point is located in Barangay Dolores in the town of Nueva Valencia. This is found on the south of the island, and it takes perhaps a full hour to get there from the north. It was also raining when I visited the place, which made it a little tricky, especially with the mud and things.

Anyway, what do we have here? Guisi Point features some ruins that date back from the Spanish era. As this is basically the edge of the island, there was an old Spanish lighthouse here that guided ships back in the days. Now, this lighthouse is in ruins and slowly rusting away, in the midst of the remains of old buildings that were constructed in the area.

Check out the pictures, I hope you enjoyed my trip.


  1. Looks like you were all alone in the ruins! I like the color contrast, decay and jungle taking over.

  2. Zhu,

    Yes, I was all alone, after all, it was raining and windy! I agree with you in that the contrast between the grey and rust of decay pairs well with the creeping green from the jungle.