11 October 2011

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 18 - A Song That You Wish You Heard on the Radio

Next on the list is a song that I wished I heard more on the radio. And for this one, I bring this English alternative rock band, Keane, into the list. Here is their song Somewhere Only We Know, released in 2004. I loved this little emotional song, and loved it more when Glee decided to cover it. I have to admit though, that I was impressed with the way Glee covered this piece, to the point that I sort of prefer their version.

(In the Midst of the Ruins, from my Machu Picchu Series)


  1. This place looks very spiritual. I wish I had guts to travel far away to Machu Pucchu someday... :)

  2. Cristina,

    If you need suggestions on how to do it, feel free to email me!