31 October 2011

Oh Buffalo: Hoyt Lake

When I went to the Japanese Garden the other day, I also crossed the street and went to Hoyt Lake. After all, Delaware Park is rather big, and there are plenty of different sections to it. Hoyt Lake is another one.

First, let me start by showing the Mozart bust. This is actually on the other side of the Scajaquada Highway, near the Japanese Garden. It is hidden from view, secluded by the numerous trees.

We also have our own copy of the David statue. You can clearly see him if you're driving on the Scajaquada Highway. Here are two shots featuring him.

There's the bridge near the museum, which is a site for plenty of wedding pictures.

See how big this lake is? This is right in the middle of the city. It basically functions as Buffalo's own Central Park. During the summer, you can rent boats and explore the place.

That is the casino, near the rose garden.

There is a statue of a young Abraham Lincoln, just behind the art museum. I actually like this statue, for some reason.

This is the rose garden. Unfortunately, they weren't the loveliest; I have seen better roses when I was in Portland, in the Rose Test Garden.

Finally, here's the casino. I haven't actually been inside here, but the balcony is open to the public.


  1. Looks pretty, especially under the sun. It really contrasts with my memories of Buffalo, under a snow storm in January!

    I like this statue too ;-)

  2. Zhu,

    Haha, yes. Buffalo in a snow storm in January isn't the prettiest place to be!