19 October 2011


Some good news: I am heading to Portland!

Yes folks, one day, I found an email in my inbox stating the following:
Dear Colleague:

We are pleased to inform you that the LSA Program Committee has accepted your abstract for presentation as a paper at the Society's Eighty-Sixth Annual Meeting, to be held 5-8 January, 2012 in Portland, Oregon. This year 585 abstracts were submitted for consideration in the 20 minute paper category. We accepted 222 paper presentations for an overall acceptance rate of 37.95%.

As I was viewing this in Gmail, the first line was previewed. I was thinking, Gee, someone is pleased. With me? Oh, LSA? OH! So I clicked it and opened the message, to find that my abstract is accepted and I will be giving a talk this coming January. I looked at the preliminary program, and I am scheduled to give the talk on Saturday, January 7, at 3:00 PM. Awesome!

I have been to an Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America before. Earlier this year, I attended the one in Pittsburgh, where a talk was given, with me as a second author. This is the first time I will be presenting in the LSA as a first author, so I am actually excited. And another awesome thing is that it will be held in Portland, which is a city that I have been to once before, and actually loved. It would be nice to be back again to the Pacific Northwest, as it is a region in the United States that I actually enjoy, just second to New England.

So come to think of it, this year is a rather prolific year with respect to academic matters. I had a presentation in Pittsburgh in January, I gave two talks in Santiago de Chile in August, and now I need to prepare for this presentation in Portland. Finally, my dissertation research is seeing the light of day, as I am intending to present the first of my three big ideas in this conference.

This should be fun!

(Outline of a House, from my Machu Picchu Series)


  1. That's cool! You get to travel and show your academic and research skills. Good job!

  2. Congratulations Jeruen! So proud of you! I'm sure you'll make a successful presentation.

  3. Toe,

    Thank you! I'm looking forward to this presentation, really!