24 November 2011

East Otto Excursion: Griffis Scupture Park

When the weather was still warm, we decided to drive out to rural Western New York and visit East Otto. East Otto is a town south of where we live, and it was about an hour drive from the city. So why did we head down there? Well, there's the Griffis Sculpture Park, which is this wide open area full of sculptures that one can gawk at.

So yeah, we decided to go there and gawk at open-air art. Obviously, I brought my camera with me, and took pictures. Some of the art were interesting, some were just plain weird. And the following are a sampling of what we saw there.

The two pictures above are taken from the exhibit entitled The Bathers. This is a collection of 8 (or 9?) figures surrounding a small pond, in various nude poses. Some are about to enter the water, some are in the water, and so on. You get the idea.

This I think is part of the "science-fiction corner". There are various weird vehicles on display.

There's also this naked man sending out a sonic boom?

There's these melon-like things. They are found near the stage, right in the middle of the whole area.

This is the castle. You can actually climb into this one.

Some metallic, rusty objects, and some shiny ones.

Some more nudes in the middle of the forest. This was found quite deep in the bushes.

Finally, what I think is a favorite of mine. The wooden section, which is actually found near the parking lot and the main entrance. I love the way that this reminds me of modernist architecture. Children can actually go inside and play with these ones.

So, if you're in the area, and you feel like twinning a hike with some art appreciation, it's worth to come to this place. There's a nominal entrance fee, but I think it is well worth it.

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