21 December 2011

The Anticipation of Flight: Version 2.0

About this time last year, I announced it when I was heading to a vacation in Mexico City. It was fun. It was worth it. This time, there is another announcement.

Yes folks, I am heading to a vacation again. The recent months have been hectic: there are a few out of town trips that are on schedule. Mostly, it has something to do with conference presentations, such as Portland in January, and Tübingen in February. But coupled with writing a dissertation and job-hunting, sometimes there is the feeling that you just want to get away from all of it.

So yes, I am taking another vacation. For almost 3 weeks, I will be on the road. It would be a nice mental health break for me, after a semester that has seen several of my experiments work and succeed, and add to that the fact that I have been teaching a class as well. Urgh, I just cannot wait for graduate school to be over.

Anyway, what's in store for this trip? Well, it will increase my country count. This will be the 21st country that I will have visited (and who knows, maybe the 22nd as well).[1] For that, I am excited.

I don't have a travel buddy this time. I will be traveling alone, yet that should be fun regardless.

As usual, this is again a cheap vacation. I am cashing in on my miles with American Airlines, so the only part I paid with respect to flights is the tax. And again, I am hostelling.

This trip has an elaborate yet fluid itinerary: it will be unlike Mexico City, where I just stayed in one place. It will be more like Peru, when I moved within the country quite a bit, even though I just covered a small area, namely, the Sacred Valley. This time, I have plans to move around the country for quite a bit, perhaps even sneaking into a neighboring country, but where I go, and when I go, isn't set in stone. After all, I do not have any hostel reservations except for the first night, when I arrive into the capital late at night.

So what will be the highlights of this trip? Well, there's volcanoes, for one. I am scheduled to climb a few mountains and volcanoes. There are also caves, but I am not sure if I can fit that in the schedule. There's also awesome indigenous markets. There's also archaeological ruins, involving pyramids and temples. There is also colonial architecture, and yes, there's also the jungle. So, any idea where I am heading to next?

Once again, if you're reading this and are related to me by blood, do not panic. I know what I am doing, and I will try my best not to get kidnapped.

And yes, I will post pictures!

[1]If one counts using Internet top-level domains, I have been to the following countries so far, in visiting order: 1) Philippines; 2) USA; 3) Japan; 4) Guam; 5) Qatar; 6) Austria; 7) Greece; 8) Italy; 9) Vatican City; 10) Taiwan; 11) Czech Republic; 12) Ecuador; 13) Colombia; 14) Peru; 15) Denmark; 16) Hungary; 17) Slovakia; 18) Canada; 19) Mexico; and 20) Chile.

(Grass and Stone, from my Machu Picchu Series)

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