06 December 2011

Cavorting in Chile: Correo Central to Estación Mapocho

Santiago has so many small establishments to see, that one can string them together and design a walking tour that leads oneself from one to the other. And during our stay, that was what we usually did: I had a map with me, and I planned what we would be seeing as we explored the city on foot.

First, we headed over to the Correo Central, also known as the Main Post Office. After all, we had to mail our postcards to loved ones overseas.

As usual, main post offices in Latin American cities are usually palatial in appearance, and this one is no exception. It reminded me of the main post office in Mexico City, which gave me the same sense of awe and wonder. The main post office in Santiago, however, was a little bit more demure and subtle. Somehow, that's the general impression I get from this city all the time.

This main post office also has a small museum, showcasing various historical memorabilia from the Chilean post office system, such as old post boxes, old telegram machines, and so forth. They also had a huge collection of stamps from various countries. I didn't expect to gaze at old Philippine stamps, in Chile nonetheless!

Then, we headed north. The next thing we found was the Mercado Central; the Central Market. Oh my, I felt like I was a kid in the candy store in this one. There was seafood everywhere, and it was fresh too!

Needless to say, I had to eat seafood. Fresh seafood. This was my lunch, a seafood stew sampler. It was one big bowl of seafood, swimming in oceanic broth. I loved this one!

North of the Central Market is Estación Mapocho. This used to be a train station iin the city, but train travel in Santiago gradually declined. Now, this building is used as an exhibition center.

When we were there, there was an architecture competition. I think a religious institution is planned to be built, so we checked out several entries for potential designs.

So that was one of our walking strolls in Santiago. Watch out for more entries from our trip!

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