28 December 2011

Ithaca Excursion: Buttermilk Falls State Park

When the weather was warmer, and the leaves were still there, we decided to do a road trip one fine Saturday. We headed to Ithaca, which is this college town that is said to be centrally isolated. That is so true, because it is located in the middle of the state of New York, and yet there isn’t a big city that is nearby.

It is a college town, because the Ivy League member Cornell University is based there. We visited that campus as well, but for this entry, I am blogging about our hiking trip to Buttermilk Falls State Park. This state park features gorges and trails and several waterfalls. We decided to go and hike the Gorge Trail, as it follows the waterfalls from one side.

As we entered the state park, we paid the entrance fee, which allows us to visit another state park within the day. We originally planned to do that, but it turned out that my companion was already tired after hiking this one, so we decided to pass. Anyway, the photo above shows the view that met us, at the entrance.

We obviously started at the bottom, which meant that we had plenty of climbing to do. We climbed on staircases, boulders, inclines, and rocks. Good thing I brought a bottle of water with me.

I like the way the leaves sheltered us from the sun. It created this weird feeling of being inside a forest canopy.

As you can see, there are still plenty of leaves on the trees. The atmosphere was quite wet, as well, so there’s moss all over the place.

There was a bridge, in the middle of nowhere. Based on the map we had, this bridge connects the trail to the rim trail, which is above the gorge.

This park also allowed me to experiment with my camera. This is quite a surreal treatment of one of the plenty of waterfalls that follow the gorge.

These are two of my favorite photographs from this hike. I am slowly learning how to use my hybrid camera, and this time, I slowed the shutter speed, to produce this interesting water effect.

As we reached the end of the gorge, we saw a road, and the other entrance to the park. There were bathroom facilities, so we used them, and going back, we went via the Rim Trail, which meant that we were above the water. The scenery was very different, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

This was our trip to Buttermilk Falls State Park. Our excursion isn’t done yet, so for an upcoming entry, I will show pictures of our brief visit to the campus grounds of Cornell University.

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