07 December 2011

New Shoes

I recently bought new shoes. The thing is, I have been noticing that the balls of my feet somehow ache, and when I looked at the pair of shoes I usually wear to school, I realized that the soles were so worn out that they were so thin, and not enough to support my feet.

So what we did was we went to the Fashion Outlets in Niagara Falls, where one can buy stuff like that at discounted prices. So I found a new pair of shoes that I can wear to school every day. It's a pair of black leather shoes, comfortable for walking, but formal enough to wear while teaching a class.

So apparently I am a Size 10.

I never know my shoe size. That is because I have bought shoes in so many places and they just have different ways of measuring size. I have bought shoes in the Philippines, in the USA, in Europe. That honestly, I don't even know my size anymore. I just have to try one pair and determine it from there.

I guess I am glad that I have a new pair, but somehow I miss my old pair. I loved wearing those shoes. Those were I think the most comfortable pair of shoes I have worn ever. They were Rieker, and I think I got them in the Czech Republic, in a mall in Prague. I guess it carried me well from 2006 until now. It did its purpose well.

(Roofless, from my Machu Picchu Series)


  1. I recently bought shoes too (what a thrilling life we have! :-D) and observations ensued. First, in woman shoes, I'm size 10 (I'm 5'7...). But in man shoes (I tried the ones Feng was going to buy), size 10 is way too big for me.

    Good shoes aren't easy to find. I walk a lot and I tend to get holes in the sole sooner or later.

  2. Zhu,

    I so agree. Somehow, shoes are one of those pieces of apparel that you cannot buy online. I personally have to try them on before I purchase them, as it seems that sizes don't necessarily mean they fit you; every shoe type seems to have its own fit!