12 December 2011


Some good news: I am heading to Germany!

Yes folks, I am heading to the German city of Tübingen, as I am once again, presenting in a conference. Unlike Portland, they weren't pleased. I didn't see anything in my inbox saying that they were pleased to tell me that my abstract submission was accepted. Instead, this time, they were happy to announce that my submission was accepted to be included in the program of the conference.

So yes, this means just one thing: my country count will go up again! I am excited.

But more importantly, 2012 has been turning out to be a very productive year so far. My dissertation is slowly getting out: the first big idea is being presented in Portland, OR. And the second big idea is now slated to be presented in Tübingen, Germany. The CV is getting prettier.

So what's next? This means I need to get my paperwork ready: visas, flights, and such. I haven't been to Germany at all: so far, the European countries that I have been to are Austria, Greece, Italy, the Vatican City, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, and the Slovak Republic. Once I add Germany into the mix, then the only non-contiguous European country I have been to is Greece. Okay, that's getting a little geeky, so I'll stop.

Anyway, this just means that this academic year, as much as it has been a productive one (I've given 2 presentations in Chile, and now is scheduled to give two more in Portland and Tübingen), is also a busy one (I am writing my dissertation, and job hunting as well). But so far, I think, so good. Still on schedule it seems!

(Open Area, from my Machu Picchu Series)


  1. Wow, lots of travel for you! And lots of good experiences to put on your resume. Good job!

  2. Zhu,

    Thanks! It definitely means plenty of travel, but so far I am liking it.