02 January 2012

Ithaca Excursion: Cornell University

When we went to Ithaca, not only did we hike Buttermilk Falls, but we also visited Cornell University, one of the Ivy League universities here in the United States. I must say, it was quite impressive to stroll the beautiful campus of one of the premier learning institutions of this country.

In order to explore this campus, we decided to print out a map, and just take a stroll. It took us hours exploring this campus. It was quite massive, and we didn't event explore the whole thing. We skipped the residential areas, just staying in the main squares and buildings. Still, we were impressed.

I don't know much about the functions of the buildings, so I'll just let the pictures talk. Enjoy the photos.

That was just a sample of the photos I took. I hope you enjoyed them, as I surely did!

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  1. I just love universities in the States... parang gusto ko ulit mag-aral. But then again... no thanks. :) I wonder how your university looks like Jeruen.

    Happy New Year!