21 January 2012

Martial Arts in the Shower

So a few weeks ago, I bought bodywash in the supermarket. I really have no brand I stick to all the time, I usually buy what is on sale, or what is the brand in which I have a coupon for, or what is the brand that costs the least given my supermarket shopper's card. Bodywash isn't something I am picky on.

So, this last time, I happened to get Old Spice High Endurance Playmaker. I think this is the first time I bought an Old Spice product, and seriously, it's not a big deal. But one day, while I was sitting on the toilet, I had a little bit of free time to actually read the advertisement and promotion of this product. I read the back of the bottle, and what I read made me laugh, as it was quite bizarre.

It said something like this:

  • Doesn't leave you feeling dry or rob you of your dignity

  • Like wearing an armor of man-scent

  • Drop-kicks dirt, then slams odor with a folding chair


All I need is to smell good and be clean when I take a shower. I don't need to preserve my dignity (as I know of other ways of doing that without using bodywash), nor am I vulnerable enough to need an armor. More importantly, I don't need to drop-kick anything, nor slam anything with a folding chair.

So I checked the website of the product, and the way the product is sold to you makes it look like you're a star for buying this product, that you'll have fans, and you'll be a top sportsman with a sports agent. Talk about hallucination.

Oh well, the funny thing is that perhaps, this type of advertising actually works, and people are buying it. If not, then why would it still be around? After all, these manufacturers presumably are not idiots; if something is not working, they'll stop it.

I personally just find it bizarre.

(Perfection, from my Machu Picchu Series)

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