06 January 2012

Pittsford, NY

When we went to Ithaca a few months ago, we stopped by in Pittsford on the way back. This town is actually a short hop outside of Rochester, and we stopped there to grab some dinner on the way back. It's actually a rather quaint and pretty town, and so I didn't hesitate on taking some pictures.

This is the community library. It is right next to the Erie Canal, which I think was the main feature of this town.

This is the Canal Park Building. The Erie Canal is just behind it.

There's the Erie Canal! There are shops on both sides, and people actually developed the area. There are people with boats docking, people cruising, and people just enjoying things.

We climbed that bridge and went to the other side. On the way, we saw this memorial to the war veterans of Pittsford.

There's your historical plaque commemorating the Erie Canal.

These are the views from the other side.

There's a restaurant in here, called Simply Crepes, where we had dinner. Every item on the menu was a crepe.

Finally, there's other stuff we have seen there: the Northfield Common, and the first house in Pittsford.

So yeah, it's a nice little town next to the Erie Canal, with an interesting set of restaurants. That was our final stop before we headed back to Buffalo in conclusion to our Ithaca Road Trip. That was fun!


  1. Is that upstate New York still? What a pretty pretty town. Cute how they commemorated the first house built.

  2. Toe,

    The definition of Upstate New York changes depending on who you ask. For people from New York City, everything north of New York City is pretty much Upstate, including Buffalo. For me (and other Buffalonians) however, "upstate" can only refer to the area immediately north of NYC, such as where Albany (the state capital) is. Buffalo is part of Western New York, and Ithaca is in Central New York.

    Now Pittsford on the other hand is a suburb of Rochester, which is one hour east of Buffalo. So you could say it is on the border of Western and Central New York.