29 February 2012


So one day, I opened my email inbox and found out one more piece of good news. Another abstract in which I have my name on it was recently accepted to be included in a conference, as a talk! This one will be held in April, in Bloomington, Indiana.

Wow. I now have one conference presentation per month, since January. I gave a talk in Portland in January, I had a poster presentation in Tübingen in February, I have another poster presentation in New York City this coming March, and now there is a talk in Bloomington in April. I have four new lines in my growing CV.

Perhaps the good thing with this one is that I am not going. My co-author (who is the first author) will be the one going and presenting this talk. We collaborated on a project about historical sound change, and given the topic, it is not my main focus. Really, when was the last time I did research on sound?

However, it has an experimental component, so the neat thing we did was that we collaborated in this small project, with me as the one in-charge with experimental design, and my collaborator as the one in charge of the theory. I really do not know much about sound, but I know how to design a neat experiment testing hypotheses about sound.

I guess the reason why I collaborate with diverse people is to show that I can be an experimentalist, even outside my own field of interest. I am interested mostly in discourse, but I have done experiments outside that domain for a bit now.

So yeah, I now have proof that I have done work on something about sound. Totally unexpected, but hey, I enjoyed it.

(Nice Chairs, from my Cathedral of Learning Series)


  1. I love today's picture! Feels academic too, even though it was taken in a cathedral.

    Well, congratulations on another success and on another upcoming trip!

  2. Zhu,

    Haha, thanks! Just to clarify, I do have a presentation in Bloomington, Indiana (where Indiana University is located), but only my co-author will be traveling. I won't be attending this one.

    And yes, the picture is academic. The Cathedral of Learning is the name of a building in the University of Pittsburgh, and they have intricately decorated Nationality Rooms: classrooms that are ethnically themed!