01 February 2012

Electric Shocker

I usually don't hate winter. After all, I like the changes of the seasons, as it definitely makes things very interesting. I really think that the same weather all year round is a little boring, so spicing it up a bit makes it more interesting. However, the thing I don't like with winter is that I become an electric shocker.

Yes, during the winter, I get so charged with electric energy, that every time I touch a door handle or the car, I get shocked. I hate that. I hate it to the fact that I get afraid of touching the door at all. I do these little tricks of avoiding to touch it, or minimizing the effect of the electric shock, and it looks stupid but it sort of works.

For example, I found out that touching the door with one's fingers usually hurt the most. I don't know why, but it just does. I guess I could feel the shock more with my fingers. Sometimes I could even see the spark travel from my body to the door handle. It's creepy being electric.

Anyway, so what I do sometimes is that I touch the door with my arm first. Somehow, it doesn't hurt as much. You could still feel the transfer of electrons, but it is not as painful as when it happens on your fingertips.

That makes me think. What is it during the winter that makes my body more apt to accumulating electric energy? I just sit on my chair writing my dissertation, and yet I accumulate them like crazy, only to be discharged when I touch something, like my door.

(Collapsed Wall, from my Machu Picchu Series)

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