29 March 2012

Gallivanting in Germany: Ulm Fischerviertel

When I spent a day in Ulm, the Minster wasn't the only thing I saw. I also strolled along the old town of the city. It was still so cold that day, that I remember bundling up, putting my gloves on, and snapping photos. I went to the Fischerviertel, also known as the Fisher's and Tanner's Quarter of the city.

I started from the Rathaus, or the Town Hall. This is the second town hall that I saw that featured spectacular exteriors. The first one was in T├╝bingen, although I think this one is larger and more colorful. It provided some great photo opportunities.

A contrast is provided by the city library, which is this glass pyramid sitting right next to the town hall. I like the contrasting modernity that is provided by the juxtaposition. I entered this library for a bit, because it was so cold, and I needed to get some warmth for a bit, and also to use the restrooms without paying for it.

The picture above shows the old city walls. This faces the Danube River, which if you cross, you exit the state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg, and enter the state of Bavaria.

This is perhaps my most favorite picture in the series. I took it as I was crossing the bridge to head to the Fischerviertel, on a cold day. I found the scene so other-worldly, that I just pulled out my camera and snapped a photo. To emphasize the eerieness of things, I opted to give this a black and white treatment.

Ulm has a crooked house, shown by the photo above. Now it functions as a hotel. The remainder of my photos in this entry will show some sampling of the houses and buildings that I saw in the Fischerviertel.

This last one is quite interesting: the sign says it is an Inn for the Wild Man, with interesting Adonis-like statues up front. It turns out that it is a restaurant. You can check the menu in their website.

So yes, this was my daytrip to Ulm. After spending a few hours, I went back to the train station, and headed back to Stuttgart.

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