22 April 2012

Gallivanting in Germany: Residenzschloss Ludwigsburg

When I was in Austria, I visited the Schönbrunn; in the Czech Republic, the Prague Castle; in Denmark, I visited Kronborg and Egeskov Castle; in Hungary, the Buda Castle. It seems that every time I visit Europe, I visit a palace or castle. Germany is no different: this time, I visited Residenzschloss Ludwigsburg, or the Ludwigsburg Palace.

This palace is 12 kilometers north of Stuttgart: my 3-day ticket took me there by riding the train and bus. It is one of the largest Baroque palaces and also has an enormous garden. Unfortunately, since it was in the middle of winter, I only visited the interior, and the garden wasn't in bloom yet.

I joined a guided tour, which is the only way one can enter the palace. For two hours, we were inside the palace, seeing the king's and queen's quarters. It is interesting to see how rich and aristocratic people lived. I was especially interested in their toilet bowls; it is pretty much a comfortable chair with cushions, and a hole in the middle. Flush toilets didn't exist yet during their time.

Unfortunately, photography is not permitted inside. That really sucks, because I am at a loss of words in describing how wonderful and amazing the interior is. The paintings, the decor, the tapestries, the furniture, everything is just on a level of its own, something that I cannot even dream of.

So, I resorted to taking pictures of the exterior. The palace is expansive, and there are several courtyards that one can wander around. Too bad the weather was quite cold, and I froze my hands and fingers off just to take these few photos.


  1. I know the gardens must be great too, but the place has its charm with the snow. And less tourists too, I bet!

  2. Zhu,

    Oh definitely. When I visited, there were school groups, but since I joined the English tour, it was just me and a Japanese couple.