10 May 2012

Crossfire Percussion Duo: Take II

The other day, I had the opportunity to attend a percussion recital. I attended the performance of the Crossfire Percussion Duo, made up of two graduate students in music performance, Jason Bauers (who I almost always see every morning whenever I get my coffee fix) and Robert Fullex. I actually have seen them perform a year ago, and indeed, I also blogged about it.

As expected, since it was a percussion recital, all of the pieces were modern, and highly experimental in nature. The pieces stretched the definition of music, and one has to be quite the musical liberal in order to appreciate this. If your idea of music is Beethoven only, then you'll probably not like this.

However, I found myself enjoying the recital. There was a piece where they were pretty much just destroying a piece of cardboard. But hey, the way they did it was music. All of the pieces took the fundamental question of the nature of music and stretched it to the most possible answer. Is silence music? John Cage thinks so. Is music pretty? Well, one's definition of musical aesthetics will be questioned. I found myself asking those questions myself, as I was sitting in the auditorium, listening to the 7 pieces they performed.

I commend these two performers. They surely know their stuff, their rhythm is impeccable. And the way they just are synched with each other is amazing. This is what I call art.

As always, I am glad that there are avenues like these for my personal enjoyment. It's a great opportunity to just unwind after a whole day of dissertating and experimenting.

(More Chairs, from my Cathedral of Learning Series)

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