04 May 2012

Gallivanting in Germany: Mercedes-Benz Museum

For my last entry regarding my travels in Germany, I am blogging about the Mercedes-Benz Museum. Yes folks, I visited two car museums while I was in Stuttgart: earlier I blogged about the Porsche Museum, and this is the entry for the second one.

I rode the public transportation all the way to Neckarpark station, and after about a 10-minute walk, I saw the avant-garde building that houses the museum. Wow, car museums in Germany have awesome architecture.

After buying a ticket, I rode the elevator, which took me to the top floor, where the exhibits start. This building is wonderful, it has a double-helix design, and one just strolls down the overlapping circular corridors until one gets to the ground floor, where the exhibit ends.

The exhibit begins with the history of the company, together with the earliest models that they have produced. I saw these cars, together with other ground-breaking inventions.

As the exhibit goes along, the museum educates the visitor about what happened to the company in different points in time, from mergers, to its role in the war, and what they are currently doing to make cars that are environment-friendly.

It seems that Mercedes also has a version of the German police car. Another part of the exhibit that I liked was the various cars that the company made for various purposes: from police cars, to heavy equipment, to garbage collection, and so forth. There was also a section of the exhibit about environment-friendly cars, and cars that carried famous people, such as the Popemobile, and Princess Diana's original car.

Overall, I think I enjoyed my visit to this museum than to the Porsche Museum. In here, I learned more about the company, and the context surrounding it. I believe I'd recommend both museums to visitors, but this one has more educational content than the other.

The final part of the exhibit is a race track, where they have all of their racing cars on display. I also enjoyed this part.

So yes, this ends my Gallivanting in Germany series. Who knows when I can get back to Germany, but in the meantime, there are other places in this planet that I can go to!


  1. That's a really cool museum, and I would have been curious to visit it. I know remarkably little about cars, even though they were part of history in Europe... like Volkswagen for instance.

  2. Zhu,

    It really is. I've appreciated this one, and felt like the entrance fee was well worth the education I got. Of course, I am comparing it with the other car museum I visited in this trip, and somehow, I don't feel as fond of the other as this one.