05 May 2012

L'Eau Par Kenzo

I recently finished a bottle of cologne. And with that, I am moving on to a new one.

I just finished a bottle of L'Eau Par Kenzo. I remember buying this in Budapest International Airport, in July 2008, making it four years ago. It was a hot summer day, I was returning to Buffalo, scheduled to fly from Budapest to Paris to Chicago to Buffalo. I remember being glad that I already bought my duty-free item in Budapest, and not in Paris, as I remember being annoyed at Charles de Gaulle Airport, being so hot and crowded, that I didn't have enough time to select and buy a cologne.

Anyway, I have used up a 100 ml bottle, which for the time being, gave me a fresh scent that I liked. It was a cheerful summer scent, although I have seen other people review it as smelling like bathroom cleaner. It was sort of citrusy, but I think just the right amount.

So now, I am moving on to Black Walnut by Banana Republic. This one was actually a gift: someone I used to know gave it to me several years ago, and I am only starting to use this now. We'll see how this goes.

(Room and Art, from my Cathedral of Learning Series)


  1. I use to always wear perfume in France, but I kind of gave up in Canada. Here, perfume is more expensive and many places are scent-free (!). I rarely finish the bottles of perfume, but for rare exceptions, one being Time For Peace by Kenzo that I loved.

  2. Scent-free? Oh no, I would have a hard time getting used to that. I get what you're saying with not finishing bottles. That's why I buy the small 50ml bottles now, instead of the 100ml ones. Not only are they really travel-size, but when I get sick of the scent, the bottle is usually empty!