06 June 2012

Dissertating Makes me Fat

So, I think I am gaining weight. And I am attributing it to this dissertation.

Why? Well, I think it's because I have been writing, day in and day out. And that means that I always find myself sitting down in front of a computer. I do it for long hours, and when I finish at the end of the day, I am just too tired to do anything else.

There was a time in which I had the habit of waking up early in the morning and running. I haven't been doing that lately. The reason for that is because I wake up and feel like I still want a few hours of sleep, that I just get back to bed. Most probably because I stayed up too late the night before, working.

So, I find myself sitting down most of the time, and this sedentary lifestyle has made me gain a few pounds. This just means one thing, that another motivation of mine to finish is to lose this weight. How about that? When I turn in my manuscript, I'll go outside and exercise again. Good thing it's the summer, and the weather is favorable.

Let's see if that happens.

(The Indian Room, from my Cathedral of Learning Series)


  1. Sedentary lifestyles are the worst to keep a healthy weight here in North America, because food is plentiful and fatty in the first place.

    But you are just putting on your "freshman 15" a bit too late, that's all ;-)

  2. Freshman 15? I've never heard of that term before. I didn't realize that there's such a term for that! :P