09 June 2012

The Manuscript

I recently finished the full manuscript of my dissertation. When I printed it so that my adviser can read and comment on it, it felt, simply, whoa. It's a bizarrely wonderful feeling to have in one's hands a tangible proof of one's work, one's contribution to science. Waiting to be read by others.

Fine, I am dramatizing. But really, it felt good to have a complete manuscript. I have all 6 chapters written, 6 experiments reported, not counting all those numerous norming experiments that I have done. I clocked in at approximately 36,800 words.

Of course, this is not the end. My adviser still has to read it, comment on it, and so I naturally expect significant revisions to it at this point. However, it still feels surreal to have every moving part of this damned opus complete, stitched, and sewn together.

Years ago, when I was in undergrad, I didn't imagine I could do this feat. I guess I can. Now, on to the final stretch. Once the comments come back, it's time to revise, and then it's time to defend.

(Seating at the Indian Room, from my Cathedral of Learning Series)


  1. Congrats! Hell, I'd be emotional as well, you worked a lot!

  2. Zhu,

    Thanks! It's been a long ride!