27 June 2012

"You Smell Good"

So, while I was waiting for the pedestrian traffic light to turn green, the street crossing guard (who pushed the button for me) told me, You smell good!

It was around 2 PM, and the last time I put cologne was around 8:45 AM that day. I didn't think my cologne would last that long. So, when she asked what I was wearing, I responded, Ummm, chewing gum?

She insisted that it wasn't my strawberry mint chewing gum she was smelling, so I told her that I was wearing Black Walnut by Banana Republic, earlier that day. She then said to me that she would tell that to her son and recommend buying it.

So folks, apparently, I smell good!

(Chandeliers and Paintings on the Ceiling, from my Cathedral of Learning Series)


  1. I’ll have to have a sniff at this cologne next time I am at the store. I love good fragrance on men, but in the US they don’t use as much as in Europe. I remember in Italy – men smelled so good!

    1. Vagabonde,

      That's true, men here in the US aren't too eager to put cologne. The funny thing with this cologne is that I didn't even buy it, it was a gift from someone else, and given how it smells, I don't think I would buy it if I were the one choosing it. :)

  2. I can always tell when folks put on cologne or perfume because it's not that common. But in France, the blend of smells in the subway for instance can be way too much... and some people really overdo it.

    1. Zhu,

      You're right. Cologne is not that common here in North America. More in Europe, and somehow, it also aligns well with the stereotype that there's just more scent in Europe, whether it's cologne or not. In the summer, it can be particularly bad...