21 July 2012

Another Sticker

I remember back in 2005 when I was sorting out my paperwork in preparation to move to the United States for graduate school. Well, it's happening again. This time, I am sorting out my paperwork in preparation to move to Germany.

Yeah, so a couple weeks from now, I'd be heading to New York City to visit the German consulate in order to apply for my residence visa. I've just completed the requirements, so I filled out application forms, I photo-copied other documents, and scheduled an appointment.

I can't remember how many times I have visited New York City to get a visa. It seems like a lot, but every time I did it, I always got it. So I am not expecting any problems this time either. I have all the required documents, and I have a legitimate reason to go, so I think all will be fine.

I wonder though how long it would take. The website says that scholars sponsored by German scientific organizations would take only a few days for their paperwork to be finalized. Because the regular applications they say take 1-3 months, and I think I don't have that much time. So we'll see. Hopefully, a post-doctoral research fellow sounds scientific enough, and that I will get my passport with a residence visa soon.

Anyway, I am excited. This might be the last time I see New York City, at least for now. There are other cities to visit then, and I am super stoked about it.

(Front Shot II, from my Temple Emanu-El Series)


  1. You must be a visa expert by now! After going through the permanent residence process for Canada, and then the citizenship process, I vowed "never again"! I know how gruelling it can be, although it's easier for temp visas I guess.

    1. Zhu,

      Hehe, I actually counted how many visas I have had in the past, and they were quite many. I firmly believe that if one has a legitimate reason to travel, then there isn't a reason one's visa application will be denied. I am so sick of people circulating these horror stories of visa denials, mostly for US visas, but when you look at their applications, it's because they were not legitimate in the first place.

  2. The thing I learned with applying a visa is to document everything and ask a couple of times to make sure everything is right. Meticulous is an understatement when it comes to paperwork in my case.

    1. Charles,

      Totally agree. The requirements for various countries are usually the same, but paying attention definitely pays off. I usually make more than the needed copies; if they want 2 copies, I make 3. If they want 3 pictures, I have 5, and so on. The good thing though is that now I have a long-term German visa (which will be converted to a residence permit later), several new countries open up and I can visit them and increase my country count, including Norway! :)