09 July 2012

Lost in Los Angeles: The Hike to Eagle Rock

Our second day in the Los Angeles area was jam-packed: we started at Simi Valley and visited the Reagan Library, then we headed to Malibu. Our last activity of the day was hiking Eagle Rock. Eagle Rock is located in Topanga State Park, so from Malibu, we drove north, and found it. It was a short hike, comparatively, it was only two miles, but the sun was rather warm and shining.

After hiking for about an hour, we reached it. It was pretty, and the views from the top were amazing. I might not like the city of Los Angeles, but I definitely love the outdoors here. The mountains are big, the outdoors are expansive, and there are plenty of things to do outside. We decided to do this as practice for the other hike we did a few days later. Stay tuned for that entry, but in the meantime, enjoy the photos from this one.

The large rock protruding from the face of the mountain is Eagle Rock. It's pretty huge, and the views from the top of it are stunning. That was a fitting end to a jam-packed second day in the Los Angeles area. After that, we drove home, and went to bed.


  1. Nice! Looks pretty wild.

    I wish I had had more time in LA (it was just a stopover on our way to OZ a couple of years ago). I got to see the main sights but I didn't have the chance to go off the beaten path.

    1. Zhu,

      Yes, it was quite wild. I especially liked the non-flat surfaces and the grandiose scale of things. There's just a huge expanse that I rarely get to see.

  2. Never even thought of LA when I saw the photos. It does look rugged I could also imagine mountain biking enthusiasts there! And with such a sunny weather, this calls for copious amounts of sunblock haha! (and no wildfires I hope!)

    Glad to meet you finally Jeruen - it's always good to put a real face on blogs I read :) I just hope my face doesn't turn red hot from that suicidal sauce - thanks again!

    1. TNP,

      Haha, I am sure your face will be fine. :P That being said, it is indeed great to have a face behind the blog. Looking forward to reading more of your travels around the world!