13 July 2012

Lost in Los Angeles: LA Zoo

After a very long day involving a visit to a Presidential Library, to Malibu Beach, and to Eagle Rock, the next day was rather simple. We visited the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens, and that was our whole morning. This was our only activity for the day, because we were expected to be at the wedding rehearsal for the afternoon and the rehearsal dinner during the evening.

Now speaking of the zoo, I don't remember the last time I have been to one, so I actually was a little excited about this. I remember being in a zoo before, but that was ages ago, and I don't remember which zoo I actually visited. So it was cool to be standing in line with families carrying their little ones, waiting to buy tickets to see animals. And we saw plenty of them. The pictures I have show some of the animals we saw.

Here are some flamingoes. I believe this is the only part of the zoo that I thought had a bad smell. The other animals didn't smell, suggesting that the zoo kept them relatively clean.

Here's a turtle in the Reptiles section.

I found a sleeping koala on a tree.

These are a couple of the apes I saw in the Great Apes section. Somehow I find them amazing to look at.

The above are just some other animals we saw. The animal selection was huge, and it took us more than two hours to see the whole place, and I believe due to the lack of time, there were even places we didn't check out. So yeah, I had fun, I felt like a little kid again, checking out all these animals. It was cool.


  1. The animals look in pretty good shape, must be a good zoo!

    I used to have this tradition of visiting zoos in large cities when traveling. Can't remember the last one I went too... the reserve close to Sydney I think. Great place to see koala and 'roos!

  2. Zhu,

    Yeah, I really am not an animal person (hence, I have just a little bit of a desire to go to East Africa and do a safari), but as I said, it's been a while since I have been to a zoo, and since LA's zoo was swanky, I figured it is a good thing to do.