04 July 2012

Lost in Los Angeles: Malibu

We did plenty of things for our second day. After visiting the Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, we drove down south to see the beach. More specifically, we drove down to Malibu, where there is a long stretch of beach, coupled with beach-front houses. The good thing is that the houses are prevented from declaring the beach private. Yes, the beach may be someone's backyard, but everyone can still visit and frolic. Here are the pictures.

We have seen rocks, seaweed, surf, waves, dogs walking and running and swimming, and many other things.

We also saw people frolicking in the water.

Here are the pictures for the houses. They are pretty. In fact, it's odd because the pretty side is the one that is facing the beach. There is a road that is in front, but it is more of an alley, and people don't really make that side of the house pretty. It's as if they don't care. I found that bizarre.

So yes, we saw the Pacific Ocean. It was interesting. Sad to say, however, I wasn't a water person, and I was more interested in the next thing we did for that day, which I will blog about soon.


  1. Oh, I miss the beach so much!

    I loved Malibu, the coast here is amazing. Wouldn't mind living there... but I doubt I can ever afford it :-D

    1. Zhu,

      Haha, we actually drove by the street in front of these houses, and seriously, they put more effort into beautifying the beach side of the houses than the street side. And yes, they all look like expensive dwellings.