11 August 2012

Escaping the Heat

A few weeks ago, the weather was so hot here in Buffalo. It seemed that we baked and baked, that we all decided to head out and find places that have air-conditioning. Later on, I learned that the heat wave that the United States experienced from late June to mid-July was the worst since 1956.

And yet people still do not believe in global warming?

Anyway, enough of the political banter. Whether you believe in global warming or not, this summer is hot. Really hot. And it doesn't help if the house has no air-conditioning.

So we just blasted the fans when we were at home, and we made it a point to be outside and spend more time in air-conditioned places when the house became unbearable. We became regulars in Starbucks, in other coffee shops, in grocery shops, and so forth. It's just too hot this summer.

The good thing is, if you take it into perspective, the weather here in Buffalo is way milder than the ones for cities south of us. I have read that Washington DC became way hotter than us, breaking several records.

Again, why would you not believe in global warming?

(Colorful Bridge, from my Museum of Modern Art Series)


  1. It's not that I don't believe in global warming (I'm not really qualified to judge anyway!) but I get annoyed when people comment the slightest weather phenomenon and blame it on global warming. To me, it's a bit like blaming violence in video games, social problems on immigration, etc. A bit simplistic.

    But I'm with you, we were baking in July!! Temperatures are a bit down now and it feels better.

    1. Zhu,

      True, I know there are people out there who take every slightest hot day to be evidence of global warming. And I don't intend to do the same. I guess my post wasn't clear, and was written more with the immaturity of a 10-year-old than the rational and logical nuance that a proper scientific article should have.

      Anyway, I don't claim to be an expert in global warming. What puzzles me though, is that the received view within the scientific community is that there is global warming, while certain politicians and governments just don't care and think it's a huge plot. What makes me wonder is what evidence do these politicians want to finally believe there is global warming? A hot day? A series of hot days? A month full of record-breaking hot days? If July 2012 wasn't enough evidence, then what is?

      Sorry, I didn't mean to rant, it's just that sometimes it is frustrating when I see the scientific community (of which I am a member of) having to deal with politicians that sometimes are stupid and have their own agenda.

  2. I do believe in global warming. Of course it's not an extreme phenomeen happen in a day, but if we how this world changes per decade then we realize that something serious is happening. So, let's be aware and DO something for this.

    Regards from Belgium

    1. Hey there, thanks for visiting the blog. I agree, people should be doing something about this. However, the little things I do, like recycling, taking public transportation, and whatnot, will all be defeated if there are other people out there who are still not convinced that this concept actually is true. I might just take consolation in the idea that I might not be around when the full consequences take into effect.