14 August 2012

Oh Buffalo: Albright–Knox Art Gallery

Buffalo has an art museum that I have visited twice before. However, I haven't taken photos inside, so I decided to make use of the Free First Fridays in the Albright–Knox Art Gallery recently. I brought my camera and took pictures. And since they specialize in modern art, I loved what I saw.

I thought this was a neat idea; chop up violins and stick them on to a surface.

I don't know who made this...

But I am pretty sure this was Jackson Pollock.

I am not sure about this one either.

These are nails.

And this is a stack of paper with exactly the same print; the idea is that the museum visitor can take one copy for free. But only one copy.

I don't know who made the above two pieces of art.

This looks like someone painted the whole thing yellow, and dripped some red.

This one is creepy. It's like a magnetic fork, it can detach body parts once touched.

I liked this one.

This looks like it was made from banana plants.

I am guessing Seurat made this, but I might be wrong.

And I think this is definitely by Paul Gauguin.

And I don't know who made this one.

The museum was small, but it was free on the first Friday of the month, so I am not complaining. We spent an hour here, and after that, I had a few interesting shots.


  1. Ah ah, Gauguin's paintings are easy to recognized, especially those painted during his Tahiti life :-D

    1. Zhu,

      I am no art expert, but yes. Painters usually have their signature styles, and sometimes it is easy to spot them!