05 August 2012

Panama Rocks

Panama Rocks is a scenic attraction that is found about an hour south of Buffalo. Surprisingly, there are interesting rock formations that are found in this area. Once we visited Rock City near Olean, and this time we visited Panama Rocks. The drive took about an hour, and it was rather easy to find.

When we got there, we paid the entrance fee, and got the route map. It is an easy hike, and if one just walks through, it takes about 30 minutes, but why would one do that? Instead, we meandered, and I took pictures. In short, we had fun.

So yeah, I don't have much to say about this location, so I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves. Check them out.

As you can see, it ws very green, and the nooks and crannies in between these huge rocks were very interesting. We spent about two hours frolicking around the place. It was fun!


  1. These looks very similar to the rocks in the Shawangunks area(about 2 hours away from Manhattan). I wonder if glaciers sculpted these as well?

    1. TNP,

      I would guess so. The way the rocks are shaped highly suggests that glaciers from ages ago shaped them. It's hard to believe that there were glaciers in western NY though, but I am no geologist... :)