08 August 2012

Richard the Third

I recently have seen the local production of Richard III in Shakespeare in Delaware Park. As much as I don't like Shakespeare, it's a great thing to do during the summer, and it's free as well.

Of course, I am not familiar with Richard III, either as the historical character, nor the play. Hence, after watching it, I went online and did some reading, learning about the Plantagenets and the War of the Roses.

Anyway, I should say that this was a great production. The costumes were Mad Men-inspired, and not traditional costumes of the period. It thus created a bit of cognitive dissonance that I actually welcomed. Instead of being lost in the thick plot and dialogue, I was able to follow what actually happened in the story.

I guess if there was room for improvement, then it would be with the physical production of the play. The stage was set very minimal, and a little bit of embellishment would probably not hurt. That being said, I know that the stage is outdoors, and it is a hard feat to recreate an intricately-designed stage when there is always the looming possibility that it might rain one night.

However, one thing that they could probably solve is the sound. The stage and "auditorium" is actually just a hill. There are speakers on both sides of the hill, but there are way more people that attend this than can be seated in between the speakers. Hence, for those who overflow to the sides, sometimes, hearing the dialogue can be tricky.

Anyway, for a free production, I think it is okay. It still is a great thing to do at night during the summer, when the heat is unbearable and it is uncomfortable to stay in one's non-air-conditioned apartment.

(Starry Night, from my Museum of Modern Art Series)


  1. I actually like the poster design of the production and definitely Mad Men inspired :)

    1. Charles,

      Really? The funny thing is that I actually haven't heard of Mad Men until this time! :)