20 September 2012

Berlin Boogie: Holocaust Memorial

One Saturday, armed with a camera, I was walking from Potsdamer Platz, heading north. I was meeting a friend, but since I was early, I decided to take a stroll. I actually didn’t intend to visit this place, and only arrived here by accident. Still, it was a rather interesting area that I decided to go ahead and spend some time.

The Holocaust Memorial is actually called Denkmal für die Ermordeten Juden Europas (Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe). It consists of these concrete slabs that are uneven in height, as if floating from the ground. One can go ahead and lose oneself while meandering inside the complex. There’s 2711 columns all in all. I personally liked the installation, as it provided interesting photography opportunities.

I don’t have much to say with respect to the Holocaust. I am not a Jew, and it is a topic I do not know much about, knowing only what the history textbooks told me when I was in school. I’d rather just shut up and let others do the talking, especially those who have more to say about it than me. I’d rather just show my pictures.


  1. Ah, history... you truly are at the heart of it. It's hard to comment on such tragic events. Better let the pictures do the talking, you are right.

    1. Zhu,

      Yes. Every workday, I walk past by Checkpoint Charlie, and while dodging tourists who are there only for the day, I still find it amazing that once, this street I am actually walking through used to be the location of several Cold War events...