05 September 2012


This conversation really happened.

Adviser: Why are you still here? I am done with you.
Me: You still need to write me a letter.
Adviser: Oh. (turns around, opens draft of letter, starts editing) What's your name again?
Me: Fritz.
Adviser: I've always had a hunch you were a Fritz.

(Naked Ladies, from my Museum of Modern Art Series)


  1. What does he mean when he said he had this hunch about you being a Fritz. I know Fritz is a collective term for Germans.

    1. Charles,

      Really? I didn't know that Fritz is a collective term for Germans, the same as John Doe and Juan Dela Cruz. I think we were just joking and having fun. He is known for being very forgetful with names, so I found it funny that after seven years, he still has to think what my name is.